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Winter Solstice marks the longest night, the darkest day of the year. It is a moment of shift, from Autumn to Winter. It is a Time of Turning. From this point the days will gradually lengthen again toward Spring. It is also a time of not-quite-yet as the cold settles in to the quiet of Winter. We acknowledge Advent, the time of waiting before the birth of the Christ Child.

We gather on this night around fire, around the heat, light and cleansing power of flame. Darkness becomes a cloak. Here is a thin place, a place of prayer, a place of letting go. A place of wondering.

Gather with us in the tender beauty of this darkest night.

Encounter the Mystery

God is Holy Mystery, beyond complete knowledge, above perfect description. Yet, in love, the one eternal God seeks relationship.

So, God creates the universe and with it, the possibility of being and relating.

Imagine a safe place and an experience, where you can be fully who you are.


Come in, sit down, be held by the love that will not let you go.


To any experience offered in sanctuary that invites you to the next opportunity to learn and grow and be loved.


In yourself, and the you that you’re becoming. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are part of the whole. Wholly love, Holy Mystery, Holy God.

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 After you have let Sanctuary on 6th simply hold you in love, you are invited into the next opportunity to learn, to grow, and be celebrated. Some opportunities will be on-line. Some will be in person.  As Sanctuary on 6th meets peoples needs where they are, the number of opportunities will increase. Subscribe to our newsletter below to be the first to hear of new programs.


Sanctuary on 6th is attempting to be church differently in relationship with the Coast Salish People and the QayQayt First Nation in New Westminster. We want to walk together in a good way, repairing the damage of settler churches, reconciling with each other, and with all of creation. Sanctuary on 6th is a queer celebrating, justice-seeking place and experience, where who you love and who you’re becoming are understood as the creative genius of a loving creator who does not let go.

The timeless story of transforming love which began with a baby in a barn is still remarkably good news.”

– Rev. Blair Odney

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou